2019 Courses
Course load is 3 - 4 courses. Upperclassmen may request to complete 2 courses. 
Credit Hours Course Attributes/Notes Instructor
CHIN 1001 Elementary Chinese I 4 Taught in English, Humanities credit awarded for CHIN 1001 upon successful completion of CHIN 1002 or CHIN 2001. Dr. Yan Gao
CHIN 3021 Chinese Society & Culture I 3 Taught in English, Humanities requirement, no pre-requisites Dr. Yan Gao
CS 1331 Intro to Object Oriented Programming 3 CS Core Course Dr. Junfeng Qu
CS 2340 Objects and Design 3 CS Core CourseTech Elect CS, Engr, & Science Dr. Junfeng Qu
ECE 3710 Circuits & Electronics 2 Tech Elect CS, Engr, & Science (not open to ECE majors) Dr. Yiying Zhu
ECON 2101 Global Economics 3 Social Science Requirement, Global Economics Requirement (International Plan) Marcie Xi Mao
ISYE 2027 Probability With Applications 3 ISYE Required Course, Tech Elect CS, Engr, & Science
(course open to all majors when taught on the CSP)
Dr. Yajun Mei
ISYE 3770 Statistics and Applications 3 Tech Elect CS, Engr, & Science  Dr. Yajun Mei
MSE 2001 Principles and Applications of Engineering Materials 3 Tech Elect CS, Engr, & Science Dr. Krishna Parachuru
PHYS 2212 Intro to Physics II 4 Course taught online. Tests/quizzes are proctored by GT China Summer Program Faculty/Staff. Dr. Michael Schatz


All students are required to register for 8-10 credit hours. All courses are offered on a the letter-grade basis (not pass/fail) and are taught in English. There are no concurrent classes and no schedule conflicts. Class attendance is required and accounts for at least 10% of your course grade. 

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China Summer Program Course Notes

Please consult your academic advisor when deciding what courses to take. Below is information relevant to CSP-2019 course offerings.

Institute Core Curriculum

Institute Core Area E: Social Sciences

  • Students can receive three credit hours for any one of: ... ECON 2101 "The Global Economy"
  • Cannot take both courses for credit: ECON 2100 & ECON 2101, or ECON 2101 & ECON 2105, or ECON 2101 & ECON 2106.

ISYE 3770 "Statistics & Applications" is crosslisted with MATH 3770 and CEE 3770. Credit cannot be awarded for both ISYE 3770 and MATH 3670.

When taught on the China Summer Program, ISYE 2027 can enroll students from all majors provided that the students have met the existing pre-requisites for the course.


What can I get credit for towards my major?

Some of the courses that are offered on CSP-2019 are discussed explicitly in the following BS degree requirements. 

For degrees not listed above, please visit Programs - Bachelor's