2018 Courses
Course load is 3 - 4 courses. Upperclassman may request to complete 2 courses. 
Credit Hours Course Attributes/Notes Instructor
MSE 2001 Principles and Applications of Engineering Materials 3 Tech Elect CS, Engr, & Science Wenshan Cai
CHIN 1001 Elementary Chinese I 4 Taught in English Yan Gao
CHIN 4813 Chinese Culture and Civilization 3 Taught in English Yan Gao
ECE 3710 Circuits & Electronics 2 Tech Elect CS, Engr, & Science (not open to ECE majors) David Citrin
ISyE 3770 Statistics 3 Tech Elect CS, Engr, & Science David Citrin
MGT 3660 International Business 3 Global Economics (IP) Alka Citrin
HTS 3082 Sociology of Science 3 Social Science Requirement Yu Tao
LMC 3256 Asian Filmmakers 3 Humanities Requirement Qi Wang
ECE 4560 Intro to Automation and Robotics 3 Pre-req: ECE 3085/3550 Fumin Zhang
2018 Graduate Level Courses*
Senior undergraduate students may take graduate level courses with departmental approval. 
Credit Hours Course Attributes/Notes Instructor
ECE 6550 Linear Systems and Controls 3 class taught via streaming video Yorai Wardi
ECE 6558 Intro to Stochastic Systems 3   Fumin Zhang
ECE 6601 Random Processes 3 class taught via streaming video Elliot Moore II
ISYE 6227 Intro to Financial Engineering 3   Shijie Deng
ISYE 6785 Practice of Quantitative Finance 3   Shijie Deng
MATH 6701 Math Methods of Applied Sciences I 3 class taught via streaming video Guillermo Goldsztein
ME 6305 Applications of Thermodynamics 3 class taught via streaming video Sheldon Jeter

All students are required to register for 9 - 12 credit hours. All courses are offered on a the letter-grade basis (not pass/fail) and are taught in English. There are no concurrent classes and no schedule conflicts. Class attendance is required and accounts for at least 10% of your course grade. 

*Undergraduate students who wish to take Graduate Level courses will need to adhere to the policies and procedures of the Registrar's Office.

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