CSP-2023 Videos and Reflections


Student Interview

Student Interview (Part 1)

Student Interview (Part 2)

Student Interview (Part 3)

Student Interview (Part 4)

Hong Kong

Arrival Hong Kong and on-site Orientation at HKU

Discover Hong Kong

HK Cultural Discovery

HK Palace Museum Visit

Moving from HK to Shenzhen


Let me show you some landmarks in ShenZhen

Culinary Discoveries Around GTSZ

Shenzhen City Discovery

Explore Nearby Cities

Zhuhai Visit

Foshan Visit

Explore More

Georgia Tech China Summer Program – A “High Level” Tour

Fun Sport Day

Student Reflections

“Although it must be said that everyone had a unique insight into their encounters with school in China, the overarching essence of our study abroad remains homogenous.”



“From going to road trips to many of the famous tourist destinations in Shenzhen, the planned activities with staff and students, meeting people from all over China, and of course adventuring with newfound friends, CSP has given me one of the best summers I could have asked for.”