Maker Venture Program

The CSP Maker Venture Program encourages students to take advantage of the unparalleled hardware supply chain and the maker environment in Shenzhen to start developing their product ideas. Mentors include our Georgia Tech alumni and local entrepreneurs.




How the Maker Venture Program Works

Step 1: Find a group (or work solo, it's your choice).

Step 2: Write your proposal. Proposals include an overview of the project, materials needed, cost of materials, the novelty of your product, your users, and your competitors.

Step 3: Over the course of the 9 weeks in Shenzhen build your product and meet with mentors for guidance.

Step 4: Demo Day! At the end of the study abroad program, groups will present their product to all of the students on the CSP, and the students will vote for the best product.


Huaqiangbei houses the world's largest electronics market, where you can find anything from cell phones and electronic components to 3D printers and toy robots. You and/or your graduate mentors can go shopping here to find the parts you need to build your project.


CSP 2019 Projects




Recycle Bar
Maker Venture Program 2019 Winner